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Chapter 9 – Natural and Cultural Heritage – (Stage 3) – Evidence

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Last Updated: 22nd September 2016 11:27 am


3723 CCC – Topic 9.3 closing submissions.

Please note that the updated accept/reject table has now been added to the CCC closing submissions as Appendix L. The Memorandum from CCC filing appendix L, dated 6 July 2016, is filed under submitter correspondence on the previous Natural and Cultural Heritage  page – Stage 3


Please note that the Heritage aerial maps for central city and Christchurch and Banks Peninsula, previously filed as appendices E2 (parts 1-4) and E3 (Parts 1-10) of CCC closing submissions on topic 9.3  have been refiled as Appendices and  to the revised proposal.  The revised proposal can be found at Appendix A (tracked version) and Appendix B (clean version) of CCC Topic 9.3 closing submissions. The heritage aerial maps can be found alongside these, labelled as (parts 1-10)  and (parts 1-4).


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