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For information and documents relating to specific hearings please select the relevant hearing below.

Documents which do not relate to a specific hearing, but rather across multiple Stages or Chapters, can be viewed on the General Documents page.

Current Hearings

Hearings – General Information

The Panel holds hearings on submissions received on the Christchurch Replacement District Plan Proposals. The hearings are grouped into topics/chapters to align with the Proposals (ie Strategic Directions, Natural Hazards, Coastal Environment).
All hearings and pre-hearing meetings are open to the public and the media as observers. However, only submitters who stated on their submission that they “wish to be heard” are allowed to speak (or their representatives / witnesses).

Hearings Procedures

Click here to read the Panel’s Hearing Procedures (last updated 14 January 2015).
The Hearings Procedures are intended to assist all parties who participate in the hearing process. The Procedures set out the intended administrative arrangements, roles of participants and requirements relating to pre-hearing tasks and hearing sessions. The Hearings Procedures document may be updated, so submitters are encouraged to check this website for the latest version before attending a hearing.

Notices, Directions and Procedural Minutes

The Panel will issue notices of times and dates for pre-hearing meetings and hearings. The Christchurch City Council and submitters who asked to be heard will be sent alerts by email, to the email address provided in their submission, of any notices that are relevant to their submission. Notices will also appear in The Press at least 10 working days before the hearings start.

The Panel may issue Directions and Procedural Minutes setting out requirements relating to hearings or to the preparation of written material for the hearings. Directions that apply to all Hearings can be found on the News & Notices page. Hearing-specific directions and procedures can be found under each relevant hearing heading.

Evidence and Written Statements

All evidence and written statements that is to be called by any party is required to be circulated prior to the hearing. It needs to be circulated to all relevant parties by the person calling that evidence in accordance with the Hearings Procedures and any directions of the Panel. All evidence is also required to be provided to the Independent Secretariat within the timeframes specified by any directions of the Panel. Responsibility for serving copies of any written material on other parties (either electronically or by post) lies with the person contributing that written material. All evidence received by the Independent Secretariat will also be made available for viewing and downloading on this website as soon as reasonably practicable.


All pre-hearing meetings and hearings will be transcribed. Transcripts will be made available as soon as reasonably practicable following the relevant pre-hearing meeting or hearing session. All transcripts of current pre-hearing meetings and hearing sessions will be available for viewing and downloading on this website under the relevant hearing heading.

Please note the transcripts provided are in the exact format that the Secretariat receives from Adept STS Ltd. The transcripts may contain errors or sections that were not recorded and may therefore have some omissions.


Specific Relief

On 3 December 2014, in response to a memorandum of the Christchurch City Council, the Chair directed that any submitter on the remaining Stage 1 proposals who had not provided specific details of the relief they sought, were to lodge that relief.  The Christchurch City Council memorandum, the Panel’s direction, and all of the documents received by the Secretariat, are set out below.

Specific Relief